Six-star energy ratings, Geelong

As Geelong modern home builders, we believe it’s crucial to be aware of the effect building a new home can have on the environment. That’s why First Earth Construction is an accredited and expert six-star energy ratings assessor. In fact, in the space of 48 hours we can complete six-star energy ratings on plans for new homes and renovations to meet current BCA requirements.

The building process can have a dramatic effect on our environment, meaning we require sustainable and responsible designs to ensure a minimal carbon footprint. Other than ‘bricks and mortar’, the following are a sample of design aspects that we, as new home builders, must take into account with regard to thermal efficiency.

  • Orientation: North-east facing living areas maximise heat gain in the cooler months
  • Shading: Protection from the summer sun, in particular west orientated walls and windows
  • Cross-flow ventilation: The location of opposing windows can draw a breeze throughout the dwelling creating a cooling effect
  • Zoning: Creating zones within the dwelling allows for areas to be conditioned independently and more effectively
  • Material selection: From floor structure to ceiling insulation and window systems, the right choices can dramatically affect the thermal performance of your dwelling.

At First Earth Construction, we use the latest Sustainability Victoria-endorsed software to complete an accurate six-star thermal assessment. We will then provide a report that either informs the client that the proposed dwelling has achieved the six-star requirement, or recommend design, material or element amendments that will get the dwelling across the line.

As Geelong luxury custom home builders, we understand the importance of achieving the best possible thermal performance and we aim to achieve that for our clients’ designs whilst staying within their project budget. We look at a six-star rating as a satisfactory pass, not a success, so if you are looking for long-term monetary and environmental savings please get in touch so that we can work together to make your home as comfortable and thermally efficient as possible.

For First Earth Construction to accurately assess your project’s energy rating, we require full-scaled plans, hard copies or PDF, containing complete information about the proposed property. This includes full dimensions, ceiling heights, window details and sizes, external wall claddings, roof cladding, floor coverings and proposed insulation. We can also visit your allotment before the initial concept design is finalised and offer advice to ensure maximum thermal capabilities are achieved.

First Earth Construction is accredited with the Building Designers Association of Victoria and member of the HIA. Contact us today for a free no-obligation quote on a six-star energy rating assessment for your project.